What are coupons and promo codes?
Many brands offer coupons so that customers can secure better deals on their products and services. Regardless of whether you’re a new or existing customer to the brand, having a valid coupon for them could entitle you to money off an order, free shipping, samples and much more depending on the merchant.

How do I use a coupon on?
Check out the coupons and promo codes available then select the one you would like to use. A pop-up with instructions on how to redeem your discount will be displayed. Simply follow the instructions to shop the merchant online and enjoy your savings!

When will I receive my discount?
This depends on the coupons and the store’s website. If there is a space available for coupons and promo codes, the discount will reflect in your order total once you press ‘apply’.

Do all offers need a coupon?
Not all discounts rely on coupons. For example, if you’re shopping in a sale, your savings will already be included in the price of your items and therefore in your cart total.

Is this service free?
This service via partners is free to use as are the coupons. Just to make you aware, will receive a small share of the revenue from your purchases in return for our recommendations which we hope you’ll enjoy!

How much will I save with?
There’s no fixed amount you will save but you can rest assured that Groupon’s brand experts have great relationships with the retailers we have on our service. Therefore, you’ll enjoy exclusive coupons and promo codes on a regular basis here.

Which stores can I find coupons for?
There are a wealth of brands to enjoy on this service. You can count on finding an exciting deal to suit different tastes and lifestyles too.

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