Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil 1360 mg



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• High concentration of 70% Omega-3 fatty acids
• Contains 950 mg of Total Omega 3 Fatty Acids
• Molecularly distilled to remove mercury
• Features fish oil, cultivated from the finest deep sea, cold water fish
• Rapid-Release softgels
• Gluten-free


• Supports cardio health**
• Strong anti-inflammatory properties**
• No fish burps
• Promotes joint support and bone health**

The modern diet has been called a lot of things, but “heart healthy” isn’t one of them. The unfortunate fact is that most people do not eat enough fish, and it’s the important oils in fish that provide the body with the Omega-3 fatty acids it needs to promote balanced cardiovascular health.**

The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are structural components of human cell membranes.** Cell membranes are formed by these needed fats; without them electrolyte transportation, cell fluidity, and proper cell growth may be compromised.** So, unless you add a lot of fresh, cold-water fish to your meal plan, the benefits of fish oil may best be attained through the use of dietary supplements.

Vitamin World Triple Strength Omega-3 fish oil 1360mg is a convenient one per day formula. Our formula contains a super high concentration of 70% Omega-3 fatty acids, providing 950mg of active omegas. Omega-3 fish oil contains EPA and DHA, which helps support heart health.** It can increase levels of “good” HDL cholesterol and lower triglyceride levels and help maintain the health of an already healthy heart.**

Higher Omega-3 intake is associated with higher bone density, which could help prevent bone disease.** Omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA help increase levels of calcium in the body.** They also deposit calcium in the bones, and improve bone strength.** In a study of women over 65 with osteoporosis, those who took EPA and GLA supplements saw a reduced rate of bone loss**. In fact, many of the women experienced an increase in bone density.**

Fish oil also helps support joint health, it has strong anti-inflammatory effects and can help reduce symptoms of inflammatory diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis.** Our fish oil is molecularly distilled to remove mercury. Burpless fish oil.

Most health enthusiasts are familiar with the heart health benefits of Fish Oil.** But the story on Fish Oil goes deeper than that. From benefits beyond heart health support** – such as support for bones, joints and skin** – to the importance of where your fish oil comes from and how it is produced, it’s vital to be informed about this amazing gift from nature before you choose the fish oil that’s right for you and your family.**

Providing 950 mg of Omega-3 fatty acid from 1360 mg of total fish oil, our Triple Strength Fish Oil ensures you are getting a good return on your fish oil investment!

Contains 180 rapid-release softgels.

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