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People take Vitamin B12 to help support energy levels and the nervous system.** Looking for a pick me up, without the crash? Look no further! Our top selling Vitamin B-12 helps to convert the nutrients from foods into fuel for the body. On top of that, B-12 supports the nervous, circulatory, and cardiovascular systems.** B-12 naturally decreases as you age, so it’s important for people of every age to keep levels up.

Vitamin B-12 is one of the three major B vitamins, along with B-6 and Folic Acid, that help maintain homocysteine levels already within a normal range by converting homocysteine into the amino acid methionine. Healthy levels of homocysteine are believed to play an important role in heart and cardiovascular health.**

B-12 is essential for maintaining nerve cells, which is important for relaying messages from the brain to all the cells of the body.** Taking B-12 every day helps keep your nervous system working efficiently.

B-12 works to activate certain enzymes in the body that breaks down nutrients, making them available for your body’s energy metabolism.


• Supports energy metabolism**
• Supports nervous system**
• Supports heart health**


• Delivers 5000 mcg of vitamin B-12
• Sublingual microlozenges (preferred way to take B12)
• Delicious natural cherry flavor
• Gluten Free
• Vegetarian

Absorption of vitamin B-12 from the digestive system naturally decreases as we age. This decrease in absorption is usually due to a loss of stomach acid as well as insufficient functioning of stomach enzymes. B-12 levels in the digestive system helps to increase overall B-12 absorption.** Each Vitamin B-12 5000 mcg. Sublingual microlozenge delivers a highly concentrated dose of essential B-12 that dissolves easily when placed under your tongue.

Contains 60 microlozenges.

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