Advanced Apple Cider Vinegar Plus®

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Deal Score+3
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Product Info

Benefits of Advanced Apple Cider Vinegar Plus® with Green Tea (ACV Plus®):
gluten free non-gmo
  • Helps to reduce body fat…to make the most of your weight loss efforts
  • Boosts metabolism…so fat and carbs move quickly through your system, limiting their storage on your hips, thighs, stomach and body
  • Helps suppress appetite…to help you say “no” to sweets, fatty foods, carbs and all the yummy foods you crave
  • Easy to take…easy to stay on track!

Sleek Dress? New Swimsuit? Feel Good About Yourself Whatever You Wear!

If you’re one of the fortunate few with warp-speed metabolism, appetite control and perfectly maintained weight, you can stop reading now! For the rest of us, there’s Advanced Apple Cider Vinegar Plus with Green Tea, available ONLY at Botanic Choice. This amazingly easy weight loss supporter blends stronger-than-ever nutrients to give you phenomenal appetite management and  weight loss support, so you can look good for your high school reunion, feel confident in your new swimsuit, or turn heads again in that figure-hugging dress. 

8 Easy Ways to Support Weight Loss
As long as you’re eating right and exercising, you may as well give yourself an additional edge with ACV Plus. Especially since the ingredients in this popular formula help your weight loss plan eight different ways…

  1. Weight management
  2. Fat oxidation
  3. Fat metabolism
  4. Body composition
  5. Appetite control
  6. Endurance for exercise
  7. Limiting fat storage
  8. Energy levels

It starts with a dieter’s classic favorite, apple cider vinegar, chock-full of nutrients for overall health and wellness. To that we’ve added six more ingredients, key among them is garcinia cambogia. This effective weight loss phytonutrient has been extensively studied for its ability to decrease appetiteincrease fat metabolism and burn fat.

But this fantastic formula gets even better with a generous amount of Green Tea extract to further jumpstart metabolism, foster fat oxidation and burn more fat. Plus, in this formula you also get chromium picolinate to help limit fat storage, metabolize glucose and enhance body composition. And if that’s not enough, you ALSO get three more weight-loss supporting ingredients. You simply can’t go wrong with this winner. Could this be the easy secret to helping you get back to your healthy weight? Thousands of others think so and now you too can discover it for yourself.

ACV Plus Customer Highlights

  • For dieting support
  • Satisfaction
  • Results – “I’ve struggled with my weight forever. ACV Plus has helped me maintain my weight and I like the healthy ingredients too.”

The Help You Need to Manage Appetite and Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

It’s easy to get what you need to curb cravings, manage appetite and look your best. It’s all in here!

Each daily dose of Advanced Apple Cider Vinegar Plus® with Green Tea  delivers

  • Citrin® Garcinia cambogia extract – Works to reduce total body weight, suppresses appetite and boosts energy. Standardized for 50% hydroxycitric acid.
  • Green tea extract – Encourages fat burning and increased metabolism. Standardized for 95% polyphenols, 75% catechins, and 45% epigallocatechin-3-P-gallate.
  • Chromium – Puts the brakes on fat storage and works to maintain healthy blood glucose levels.
  • Calcium (from garcinia cambogia) – For bone strength and wellness.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar powder – A dieter’s traditional favorite loaded with naturally occurring nutrients. Providing 35% acetic acid.
  • Proprietary Blend – Includes cayenne pepper powder (capsaicin), bromelain, ginger root powder, fenugreek seed 4:1 extract, caffeine. This exclusive blend may play a role in increasing physical comfort, energy levels and digestion as well as other issues related to weight.

Use in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet & exercise plan.

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1
Serving Per Container 90
% Daily Value
Amount Per Serving
Apple cider vinegar powder
100 mg
[Providing 35% acetic acid (35 mg)]
6.6 mg
(as anhydrous, natural)
Citrin® Garcinia cambogia extract (fruits)
500 mg
[Standardized for 50% (-)hydroxycitric acid (250 mg)]
Green tea extract (dried leaves)
94.7 mg
[Standardized for 95% Polyphenols (90 mg), 75% Catechins (71 mg), and 45% Epigallocatechin-3-Pgallate (42.6 mg)]
Proprietary Blend
66.7 mg
Bromelain (from pineapple) (2400 gelatin digestive units per gram), Cayenne pepper powder (fruit) (40,000 Heat Units), Ginger powder (root), Fenugreek 4:1 extract (seed).
Other Ingredients:
Gelatin capsule, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate vege grade, dicalcium phosphate, rice flour, silicon dioxide, caramel color.

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